Friday, August 21, 2009


Hi Girlfriends, What a clever idea Costco has created to rid you of your trashed sofa-!! I love Costco's The Connection magazine they send to every member. Something for this Sad Sofa Contest they are now promoting. Do you think you have a sofa that is worst than this photo? If you do, submit it and win the Costco Sad Sofa Contest? Get your digital out, photo it (be creative tuck little Meow somewhere and have her peeking out). But hurry, this contest is over September 1, 2009. Send it to Costco. Here is all you have to do:

Send your photo to : (with "sad sofa" in the subject line)


Mail photo to: Sad Sofa Contest, PO Box 34088, Seattle, WA 98124 - 1088

Please include your contact information (moi) and membership number.

First prize winner will receive a $500 Costco Cash card. Other prizes will be awarded at judges' discretion. Photos of the saddest sofas will run in a future issue of Costco's The Connection.
Let me know if you win too-!!

Let me know if you win too-!!!


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Denise said...

Hi Girlfriends, I received this in my email and wanted to share it with you all.


Thanks for the e-mail and the blog mention of our sad sofa contest. We’ve gotten lots of entries. It’s going to be hard to pick a winner. I’ll let you know when we announce.

I checked out your Web site. Not only do I have a personal interest in discount designer fabrics (I do sew), but I might want to tap you for some content for our semiannual “for your home” furniture section in January. I’m always looking for interesting ways to get members into the warehouse to check out our furniture offerings.

Thanks again for writing.

Anita Thompson
Editorial Director
Costco Publishing
999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA 98027