Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Palladian Window Treatments

Hi Girlfriends,

Gwen's baaaaaaack-!

After a long "holiday" Gwen is most welcomed back. Occassionally she may stray during a pressing big job, but, she is here today, so let's get started Gwen talking to our girlfriends.

Denise: Why do architects feel the need to put in a palladian window in most Mcmansions today? By the time we get the 911 Homeowner call, she is freaked out about what to do with the one thing that made the buying of the house so attractive at the first showing.

Gwen: Does everyone know............Any two-story palladian window treatment IS going to cost to "fix" the problem? Yards and yards of fabric, a scaffold and a two-man team to install.

Denise: Rods, brackets and finials to compliment the height aren't cheap either.

Gwen: Amen.

Denise: Palladian windows, in addition to offering scenic benefits, ventilation, light and protection, this style of windows can and should be an important complement to any interior design.

Gwen: Yes, and ideally, windows are a means of documenting historic style.

Denise: And, adding character or charm to the home.

Gwen: But, at the same time, challenging.

Denise: OMG, after the challenges, the next important step is getting the SPECIFIC measurements and treatment information for each window.

Gwen: Professional, professional professional measurers only.

Denise: I see where you are coming from. Send your handyman husband to the grocery store for measuring palladian windows is tricky.........very tricky.

Denise & Gwen: Here are two choices that is less fabric, but, they won't change the installation price: These simple, soft and elegant treatment lends flavor to the Palladian window. It works really well. The first is a sunburst and the last one being a semicircle arched flourished during the Georgian Era.

Denise: Is one still insists on light, I suggest going with a lighter fabric that complements the feel of the room.

Gwen: I do the same, but never, never silk. By the 3rd month silk is the victim of "sun rot."
Denise: If Hunter Douglas or Conrad Shades are made wide and long enough, this style works in any Family Room.
Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Sketches by Visionmaster

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