Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bay Window Treatments

Hi Girlfriends,
As we are now into November, it is time to begin thinking about what we want to do for window treatments after the Holidays. When doing Bay Window treatments, the secret to success is to look at the window as a whole, and not as a series of seperate windows.

The Curtain Book, A Sourcebook for Distinctive Curtains, Drapes and Shades for Your Home.
Caroline Clifton-Mogg and Melanie Faine
Photography by Fritz von er Schulenburg

This formal treatment works very well for this Bay Window with the apartment grand piano. We love the idea of the caned loveseat in place of a piano bench-!! The swags and tails of this Bay Window composition hang directly from the ceiling moldings. The symmetrical double tails in the center are toped with rosettes, while the longer and broader outer tails have rosettes on the corners. The draperies themselves are each caught by a simple rope secured behind the tails. The mushroom lning and darkers brown trim work well with the cream.

Denise: If the wooden frames are narrow, it might be appropriate to use just a single pair of draperies, one at each side.

Gwen: HOWEVER, a large window with wide, heavy looking wooden bverticals at each division would look better hung with intermediate draperies that would serve to cover the unseemly expanse of wood and corrrect the overall proportions.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen


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Anonymous said...

can you tell me where i can get these exact swags or curtains and valances?