Thursday, September 11, 2008

To-the-trade designer fabrics.......only

Elegant Homes Fall/Winter 2008
Vintage Manor
Julie Dodson, designer
Dodson & Daughter Interior Designs

Hi Girlfriends:

 Gwen and I had an unusual experience we wish to share with you....................

Today, Pindler and Pindler called to inform us that a client, called them with an "APPROVAL" for the fabric we had on "RESERVE" for this client and requested the yardage be sent to her.

Here is how WE work.........
 every other 
ProForma client"

Gwen:  That is not how it works.  Clients are supposed to tell us.......only.

Denise:  Yes, FIRST, we take 100% deposit for fabric, tax and shipping from our clients.

Gwen: Upon receiving the money, we send a check to the show room.

Denise: Once a show room recieves  OUR check,  To-the-trade show rooms begins the process of shipping OUR order to OUR client's home or work room.

Gwen: Like all designers, we have built up a reputation of good standards, and any good show room will call us first.  

Denise: NEVER will a To-the-trade take a call from our client and send out.  Never.

Gwen:  That is the reason for "Sidemark".

Denise: What Gwen is saying, "Sidemark" has the client's name........not our name.


Talk again
Denise and Gwen

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