Thursday, October 16, 2008

Round Tablecloths

Hi Girlfriend,

NO home is ever finally, completely, finished.  The building may be done and the furniture bought, the color schemes set and the draperies hung, but all this is actually background.  The things you search for, discover and collect as long as you live give a home it's heart and its feeling.

What better way to display the pleasures you find in the objects you care for then to display them on a skirted round table. 

Denise: If you want a rich look to your room, remember to add interlining, then a lining.

Gwen:  Keeping this in mind, remember that their is a lot of waste to the fabric upon cutting, but so worth the completed look.

Denise: For a 54" fabric width most round tables will run you 5 to 6 yards.

Gwen: Yes, and if you want a 4" ruffle add extra yardage anywhere from 2 to 3 1/2 yards.

Denise:  Breakdown for  this 4" ruffle added extra yardage:
               Fabric width over 0" to 52" dia. is 2yds
                                               52" to 75" dia. is 2 1/2yds
                                               75" to 90" dia. is 3yds
                                               90" to 105" dia. is 3 1/2yds

Gwen: Now, for corded bottom, it less, but do add: 
               Fabric width over 0" to 52" dia. is 1yd
                                               52" to 90" dia. is 1 1/2yds
                                               90" to 105" dia. is 2yds
"...soft, rich, and luxurious to the touch." 
The Best In English Interior Decoration
pg. 108
A striped round skirted tablecloth w/ square table topper.
A design I repeated have used for many of my clients 

A gathered tablecloth with a glass top makes for an inviting cleaning experience.

After all those legs showing in this room, the round silk tablecloth is pleasing to the eye.

With the right entrance, this quilted material and it's accent of trimming compliments the accented square table topper.

The richness in the interlining and lining is embellished with bottom fringe work so nicely together.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen

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