Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are living rooms slowly dying?

Hi Girlfriends,

Have you noticed more and more Interior Design books and upscale magazines are showing mostly dining rooms, family rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, but, not living rooms?  Do we need to begin writing an obituary for American living rooms?  O we hope not.  

Living Rooms can be adjusted to any lifestyle, but, they must not be written off in the future. A woman wearing a jeans paired with a white silk blouse are just as welcomed as one standing next to her wearing a Prada dress and pointy shoes.  Both chatting together by a welcome fire sipping a wine.  Living rooms hold heirlooms of our past......from casegoods, to a fine French loveseat, to decorative lamps, a wonderful accent chair, antique rugs to fine oil paintings..and so much more.  Let's not write off Living Rooms yet.  We seem to recall it was dining rooms about 25 years ago, so we believe designers like Cote De Texas, will still have her job of being a fabulous French designer for all concerns.........right down to Gwen and I who love to do homes in our area too.

Take a look at three living rooms that are all from "SPECTACULAR HOMES of Chicago."  This book is "an exclusive showcase of Chicago's finest designers" from a melding of people, culture and design.

Gwen:  From traditional decor, to clean lines of contemporary design, or a mixture of styles, these designers are dedicated to designing spaces that echo their clients and taste.

Denise: True, true, true.  We who live here know that there is a profusion of creativity and this book shows the "beautiful work of the designers" and through breathtaking photography.

Photograph by Jesse Walker

Two matching settees covered in taupe silk with wood accents invite conversation , while bamboo iron mirrors flank the fireplace to add light and depth to the room.

Photograph by Casey Sills

Molly McGinness infused this room's sunlight, with rich colors, and  custom draperies to accentuate the casually elegant living room's architecture.  The window seat, adorned with luxurious pillows, serves as a focal point while the "beautiful Oriental rug unites the space."

I gush
 every time I see this designer's work.  
Tracy Hickman. 
Her layering techniques and exquisite application of texture 
reflects her ability
 to meet
 the unique needs of 
her clients.
Photograph by Nathan Kirkman

"An antique Aubusson rug was the springboard for this living room.  The buttercream paneled walls highlight the massive chinoisserie secretary.  Silk striped goblet pleated draperies frame views to a parterre garden beyond."

Guess we can all agree..............living rooms aren't dead after all..........they are just going through an adjustment phase.

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

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Cote de Texas said...

thanks for the shout out y'all! I only wish I was as busy as you think!!!